What Our Customers Are Saying

This laundromat was clean and organized, they had extra soap laying around that you could use in case you forgot yours. The dryers are $.25 for 6 minutes and they are big enough to throw in a huge load. I haven't been to a laundromat in a long time but since my dryer is waiting to be repaired we had to go here. I would definitely come back and it's a huge bonus that I was able to get my tabs renewed and get an appetizer next-door all while I was waiting for my clothes to be dried.

Whenever I have a lot of laundry I always come here. The prices are reasonable and you can fit a ton of laundry into the washers. The dryers also work extremely well. Attendants are always available and friendly. The place is always clean and never too packed.

Super clean including restroom. Has many washers and dryers of various sizes. The Lady attendant was extremely nice and very helpful. They will do it all for you for an additional fee.

This place is truly the most clean laundry I have ever experienced. The machines are wonderful and there are wonderful pieces of art on the walls. The owner is on site and he knows true customer service. Highly recommended.

I didn't think it could be done but the attendants at this Laundromat not only made doing my laundry there a comfortable experience but an enjoyable one. Yesterday was the first time i had ever used a Laundromat and I had about 5 garbage bags full of clothes. As soon as I came in through the door the male attendant was rushing to help me lug all of it through the door. He told me how everything worked and (as I'm sure he does with most people) told me little tips to save money on the machines that yes ACTUALLY saved me money. Even though the objective was just getting the laundry done, the attendants conversed with the patrons made jokes and generally tried to make what is normally a dreaded experience a pleasant one.

Washer on the fritz. Only washeteria I could find. The place was very clean, the attendant was extremely helpful and pleasant. Well-lit, well-organized, user-friendly business. There were lots of those little pushy carts to transfer overwhelming amount of wet, camp-firey-smelling clothes, and plenty of folding-height tables to finish up at. I don't need a washeteria very often, and hope you don't either, but this is the Full Meal Deal - good equipment and unusually great customer service. Thanks!